Claremont Canyon

The Stonewall-Panoramic East/West Trail - Derby Creek/Clark Kerr Trail Loop


Curated Hikes for Babies & Tots

BabyOrganica is an inclusive hiking community enjoying the East Bay hills.  We welcome caregivers who want to hike with baby & tots in carriers for part if not all of a hike.
About Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve


Tanglewood Rd. off of Claremont Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705


Hike Times


10:00 AM on most Tuesdays with babies and tots*

* babies and tots are carried for this entire hike - tots can run free at the Track & Field at the very end.


10:00 AM on 3rd Wednesdays with babies and hiking tots*

*We let the tots out of the carriers for some hiking time


4:00 PM on 2nd Thursdays for adults only

Moonrise Hike

Depart 40 min before moonrise

Click the map image to see an enlarged version.

What To Expect

Hike: The Stonewall-Panoramic East/West Trail - Derby Creek/Clark Kerr Trail Loop

Length of hike: 3.0 Miles

The most popular trail in Claremont Canyon is the Stonewall-Panoramic Ridge Trail, also referred to as the East/West Trail at its upper end. The trail begins at the Stonewall Rd. entrance to the Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve. (Tip: Park on Tanglewood Rd. and walk up steps and sidewalk to the entrance)

The first half of the trail climbs through a eucalyptus grove. At the first switchback there’s a break in the trees with a nice view over UC Berkeley.

The trail climbs steeply up the northern ridge of Claremont Canyon for about a half-mile, offering spectacular vistas of almost the entire San Francisco Bay Region.

At the top of the hill, there’s a bench and the trail ends at paved Panoramic Way.  We turn right, resuming with a hiking path along the ridge. Where the trail continues steeply upward, we turn left and connect with a steep, eroded side trail that cuts through to the campus track back to Panoramic Way. From here we wind our way down the trail and eventual steps of Derby Canyon. Lastly, we cross the UC Berkeley Track and Field, down to a grassy area (overlooking beach volleyball courts) and back to Tanglewood Rd.


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